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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  September 24, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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introducing app-connect. (google voice) here are michael: i'm gonna throw my own party. the things you love on available on 11 volkswagen models. >> juliet: good morning everybody. >> ben: it is very dark outside. >> juliet: we need light at this hour. sunny skies will greet pope francis when he arrives this afternoon. tomorrow will be a little sunny and a little cloudy, hopefully more on the sunny side. mike has the forecast. >> ben: the pope is scheduled to land at 5:00 p.m. and take a helicopter to lower manhattan. >> juliet: ines is watching the
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before he leaves for new york he will do the first a papal address. >> ben: it is now 6:00 a.m. thursday morning, september 24. thank you for being with us. a lot of pope coverage today. >> juliet: we will have wall-to-wall coverage to you today. big 48 hours. what is the weather going to be like. >> mike: weather is cooperative. it is usually quite cool this time of year and morning. today is not bad. sixty-one central park, 66 in newark, 66 in bridgeport. high pressure is in control
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a beautiful day. look for temp of 75 degrees and a high of 80 degrees this afternoon. a high of 75 degrees tomorrow, 73 degrees on friday, more clouds over the weekend with cooler temps. a chance chance of rain on sunday and monday. let's take a look at the roads with ines. >> street cleaning rules are in effect today with the pope visiting today there are more restrictions. meters are still in effect. suffix counting is doing good. if you are traveling on the 84
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and 684 is going fine too. new jersey, route 80 traffic towards east bound by 202, slow in the right lane as, slow in the right lane as he approached 287. a car was on fire. what george washington bridge into the city not a problem the city. delays off of 8080 and 95, a ten minute delay. other approaches and lower level is doing good. heading toward lincoln tunnel minor delays. the trains are running on are close to schedule. >> juliet: thank you ynez. after months of anticipation pope is arriving today. kennedy airport before heading to st. patrick's cathedral for robert moses has details. >> reporter: good morning. we are just north of saint pats at 56, i want to show you this huge eight-foot tall fence that lines both sides of the avenue. this is one of many security
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protect the pope. so far, fifth avenue is closed to traffic south to 47th street. we are anticipating fifth will be temporarily reopened to alleviate some of the congestion. anticipation is building because yes, today is the day. washington pope francis the parts and will land at 5:00 p.m. a large reading party will welcome him. impoverished people will be part of that welcome party. the mayor says his visit is the reminder of serving those who need it most. >> a lot of us are trying to call his call to action on poverty, climate change, using the tools we have locally to do
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just society. >> reporter: pope francis will meet timothy dolan, from there he will go uptown to st. patrick's cathedral in a motorcade. he will transfer to the pope mobile a few blocks from the cathedral and will greet onlookers as he goes. the mayor, the governor will greet him. i spoke to monsignor about what that grady will be like. >> i will certainly be nervous. i speak spanish so i am intending to speak to him in spanish. >> reporter: the pope will intersect pats and entered the center aisle and then do a prayer service. he is is expected to deliver remarks in spanish. he will see a beautifully restored saint pats, they spent $175 million to fix and beautify the cathedral.
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once that concludes he will need a good night sleep because tomorrow, another busy day awaits. >> reporter: here is alive look at the corner and you can see all the traffic being diverted off of fifth avenue. this is a preview of coming attractions and what the streets will look like with the pope in town. we mention tomorrow is a busy day. i am not kidding. it starts it starts early at the united nations, the public go downtown visit the 911 memorial, meet with families, he will then proceed through central park and will preside over a huge mass at madison square garden. once he gets here tonight he needs to get some sleep because tomorrow will be busy too. >> juliet: thank you robert. 6:06 a.m.
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in a few hours pope francis will deliver the first ever papal address to a joint meeting of congress. >> juliet: is set to arrive at capital a few hours from now. carrie is there with more. >> reporter: pope francis has another busy day scheduled in washington. yesterday, crowds greeted him as he toured the nations capital. he used his worldwide platform to address several issues including climate change. >> pope francis arrived at the white house on wednesday and was greeted by president obama and the first lady. that was followed by private meeting and this brief photo op. he also made time for another meeting seen here petting the dogs. 15000 people gathered on the back lawn of the white house to hear him speak. one topic was immigration.
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>> i am happy to be in this country. >> reporter: he also spoke about economic inequality and urgency for world leaders to address climate change. >> climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation. >> your simplicity, and your gentleness of your words, your generosity of your spirit, we see a living example in jesus is teaching. >> reporter: clouds lined the streets of washington to catch a glimpse of the pope. another memorable scene a little girl slipped through the barricade, at first shy away from security but when the pope greets her over a bodyguard picks her up and brings her to
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the car. a a pope kissed and hugged her. his first full day in the u.s. included a mass where he made history with the first canonization on u.s. cello on. sierra spread christianity and california. >> later today he will become the first pope to address the joint meeting in congress. he will share a meal with the homeless before arriving in new york city. he will hold an evening prayer service at 6:45 p.m. i'm exhausted just listening to his schedule today and tomorrow. >> ben: thank you carrie. >> juliet: the pope's visit marks the start of an unprecedented security operation. >> juliet: the un general
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coming to town is all. >> reporter: good morning certainly the pope has a tiring schedule. he will will need a place to sleep and i will be at the papal resident on 72nd and residents. it is secure with police and barricades in place. we are being pushed back. these are security measures you will see. many other things you will not see. >> this is very excited. >> reporter: the excitement is building on east 72nd street. this is better known as pope francis is home for the next two days. the street is shut down, barricades and place, federal law enforcement is keeping a
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>> i don't like feeling like i am in the danger zone. >> the militarize scene is just a fraction of security measures in place citywide. thousands of police military and counterterrorism personnel operating under the secret service are in place and ready for his arrival tonight. his trip coincides with the united nations general assembly and with president's visit is the most complex job in history. 6000 police officers, 1700 vehicles 1700 vehicles and 40 miles of protective barriers. there's a barrier attempting to divide crowds from the well-wishers on the move. he will be hit 39 hours and 40 minutes. it. it is a layered security approach things that you are meant to see in those you are
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if that is enough, outside of his home away from home a fluidity of nuns calling on the highest power. to keep pope francis safe. >> reporter: just a quick note about his townhouse he is the third pope to stay. it was donated by the grant family. grant was a former former mayor of new york city. grants widow was actually the founders of regis high school here on the upper east side. said there is a special connection. that is the latest. also mentioned the mayor and police commissioner have arrived on scene. swarming with city officials and people, we can see if we can talk to the mayor will see if he
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will speak to us. mayor, can we talk with you perhaps? we are live on tv right now i us a quick update on the security measure here. just a quick update especially when were live on tv. okay thank you. they say they don't have time right now but perhaps they might be able to speak with us when they are done making the other rounds. we hope we'll be able to get a quick update from the commissioner and more preps from the mayor. >> ben: they are out there early. >> juliet: yes very early. good job on attempting to get them.
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little later. >> ben: for coverage you can head to fox 5 or download the news app on your tablet. search fox 5 ny on google play or the app store. >> juliet: too bad they couldn't just go give a quick update. >> ben: a lot more still to calm. >> juliet: we have more coming up. mike is checking the weather. >> mike: sunny again, 61 degrees, we may drop down a little bit. high temp going up to 80 degrees. normal high is only 72 degrees. you can get hourly information
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92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> good morning and welcome back. we we have 61 degrees. clear skies at central park. another beautiful day.
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54 degrees in burlington, clear skies throughout the tri-straight regions and beyond. another sunny day like yesterday. let's take a look at what's going on in the southeast atlantic waters. low pressure trying to send up the moist year because high pressure is on top of us. as we head into the next few days the trend brings area of low pressure closer to us. cloud cover tomorrow and into saturday. eventually high pressure breaks down and it will swing to us, we may see clouds in a little rain out of it. high temp today is 80 degrees. low tab 62 tomorrow morning.
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temps over the weekend. want to say good morning to eve on and wayne, met them on the street yesterday. we have a birthday shout out to peyton she is turning two years old today. cute as a button. will go to ines will go to ines billy from queens is celebrating a birthday today. >> if you go downtown say hello to him. if you're heading out today we have the pope. street cleaning rules are suspended. fifth avenue has started some closures this morning. reopening for rush hour. this is over by 49th st. traffic reopened again but a lot of closures in the area. i would just avoid it. this is where you want to avoid today. pope is here at 5:00 p.m. they
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things open for rush hour. fdr drive after five pm will have closures by 63rd street and south barry. fifth avenue will be close between 55th and 57th and madison. you will have crowds as well, avoid all of this area of fifth avenue if you can. even buses will be diverted. some boys are running, there are no reports of closing subways but with crowding conditions that could happen. already close between fifth avenue and madison. another area i would avoid. the buses will take the 79th transverse. for today, those 22 areas i would try to avoid. as far as everything else on the
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trains are doing fine. >> ben: thank you very much. breaking news. pilgrimage. pilgrimage in saudi arabia has turned deadly. >> juliet: this is a horrible story. a stampede to near the holy city of mecca killed 310 people. hundreds of others have been injured. this comes less than two weeks when crane came crashing down in a mosque injuring hundreds. >> ben: coming up what you need to avoid for traffic. >> juliet: ines is investigating and will be giving you all the
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>> i was telling you pope's arrival in new york is causing a lot of traffic closers. some may say minor headaches at this point. >> ben: yes and it will create more headaches with people trying to get around the city. let's go to fox 5 liz where pope will celebrate mass tomorrow evening. >> reporter: it is getting packed around here. extensive delays about the the city. mass transit are upping their game adding more trains to schedules. we talked with new yorkers and they said we don't mind being inconvenienced, after all it is the pope.
6:23 am
doing more trains, they will run three additional trains. the path will have extra service and the world trade center station will stay open. we will see frozen zones set up throughout the city. at midnight streets around the cathedral will shut down in stages. forty-seven to 57th street the tween madison sixth avenue is off-limits. the area of the pope's resident is always also close. on friday closures will extend areas of central park west, mfg, 9/11 memorial and our lady queen of angels school on 112th street. >> the street closures will be here fairly soon. new yorkers are urging to stay and work at home if they can pull that off. chris christie has declared a state of new jersey in new
6:24 am
guard to calm him. we are live outside madison square garden this morning. back to you. >> ben: thank you very much. 6:25 am. >> juliet: top stories when we return. pope francis will address congress this morning, we'll go live to washington.
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>> ben: good morning. >> juliet: not everyone everyone is having a good morning out there. mayor diblasio are down by treece's position, out there out there early in the morning. >> ben: very early. >> juliet: i think the viewers would love to hear from them. highs are going to be, hot today. a nice sunny day.
6:28 am
happy people. tomorrow will be a bit cooler. >> ben: pope francis, did did you hear he's coming to town. first he will speak to the joint meeting of congress this morning. he arrives at kennedy airport around five pm. >> juliet: he will then head to st. patrick's cathedral. the man is very busy. public it appearances, private meetings before he leaves on saturday. >> ben: 's visit marks an unprecedented security issue. the president will come to town, thousands of personnel are in place for the pope's visit. >> juliet: downtown by the ground zero area, tresa made a great effort trying to get the leaders of our city to talk to us.
6:29 am
woods with the weather. it looks fine. just went to a morning jog to get some coffee. it is beautiful, 61 degrees. son the sun will come up in about 14 minutes. hope you enjoyed yesterday because today is pretty much the same. upper 50s and low 60s, we will end up at 75 and lunch and lunch time and a high of 80 degrees. the next five days, 75 tomorrow, 73 degrees on friday, some clouds on the weekend. shower chances are out there on late sunday and early monday.
6:30 am
starting to. >> westchester your traveling and there's a accident blocking the lane slowing people down. if your traveling new jersey you are fine. no issues with 78. staten island expressway no delays this morning. schools are out, eastbound westbound side are fine. normal delays at the q guard. gwb this morning upper level is about a ten to 15 minute delay. heading toward the lincoln tunnel, 20 minutes.
6:31 am
to land at the airport around 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> juliet: from their his first stop will be st. patrick's cathedral. robert moses is live near the cathedral. >> reporter: good morning, security is quite tight. this eight-foot tall fence which is lining both sides of fifth avenue and it is solid. there is no moving this fence whatsoever. so new yorkers can go about their day of the side and those who want to see the pope have to be screened but there on the side. they reopened fifth for it to traffic for right now. it will close again at about 10:00 a.m. police wanted to reopen it to alleviate some traffic headaches and make the morning rush a bit easier.
6:32 am
pope francis lance at the airport at 5:00 p.m., he will take a hell of copter and then go into a motorcade to saint pats. he will transfer to the open pope mobile and ride south on fifth avenue to the cathedral's entrance. he will arrive at saint pats just before 7:00 p.m. he will preside over an evening prayer service. timothy dolan is quite excited he has a message for the holy father. >> from the beginning i said i'm so eager to show you the city i cherish. to be able to do that is wonderful. >> reporter: fifth avenue is open this morning, we are expecting it to stay open until 10:00 a.m.
6:33 am
for the rest of the day and after the prayer service concludes. thing on the pope's calendar today. he will then retire to his residence where tresa is this morning. he will have a busy day tomorrow with the 911 museum and mass at madison square garden. that is the latest. back to you. >> juliet: thank you robert. before the pope heads to new york today all eyes will be on capitol hill as he delivers the first ever papal address to congress. >> ben: making history, he is is generating strong responses on both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: good morning. we are are all excited to see how much controversy pope francis might stir up to his address to
6:34 am
it is the first for any pope. >> the clouds in washington clearly adore pope francis. the political crowd there has been something for the left and right for them to love and the poor. he in figure rated liberals when he spoke of his liberal roots and aligned his stance with the president on climate change. >> we find it encouraging that you are proposing a solution to reduce air pollution. >> the pope is a religious leader. he is not a political figures. >> reporter: they have also praised him for his strong stance against abortion. last night he visited a religious order, his speech this
6:35 am
morning could be controversy. >> my concern is not pope francis, i'm concerned with how the congress is going to reflect itself. >> reporter: later this morning he will head to north of here and have lunch with some of the poor and homeless. this afternoon he starts heading your way. back to you. >> ben: thank you very much. within the next few days the pope, president and leaders from around the world will come to new york city. >> juliet: it is an unprecedented security issue. good morning to tresa on the upper east side. >> reporter: good morning everyone. leaders are saying that although the security threat here in the city is high and security is at an all-time high, there are no
6:36 am
pope or world leaders. that is good news that things seem to be in check. it is almost go time. seventy-second street is locked down but you can see traffic is moving. will change. the guards are on alert, the police are in place. these are part of the measures in place for the pope's visit and the un general assembly. thousands of officers and thousands of dollars have been spent protecting the city. 6000 officers, 40 miles of protective barriers and a avenue. it is also along the central park.
6:37 am
those who want to see the pope and those who are attempting to get on with their day, life as usual, be on the move without being inconvenienced. many things he will see, over the last few days and weeks this is the most unprecedented security operation the city has ever had to deploy and undergo. everyone says we are ready and we are safe. that is the latest. >> ben: thank you very much. for continuing coverage head to fox 5 or download the news app on your computer or tablet. >> juliet: let's take a look at
6:38 am
>> mike: it is sunny outside. she is all dressed in her yellow and ready for this day. here comes my sunshine, my only sunshine. we have another beautiful sunny day. temps near 80 degrees this afternoon. we will hang onto the sunshine throughout the week cloud start making a comeback. we might have a tiny bit of rain but the weekend is not the best time. we are about seven and a half inches behind for the year. let's look at the commutes. this is 11 of the days where it may stay start off good but they get worse. >> right now it's just normal street cleaning stop. meters remain in effect.
6:39 am
we have an accident on the sprain book. bq e heading towards brooklyn bridge is looking good. looks like we have a stall as you head toward the brooklyn bridge. let's take a look at sports. >> duke: the yanks need to wake up. the yanks missed a golden opportunity and remembered yogi berra as well. highlights when we come back. >> ben: plus latest entertainment news. >> juliet: michael jackson's, billie jean was marked to one of the top songs of all time but what took its spot. >> ben: we will tell you what it
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let's check the headlines for you on thursday morning. pope francis will address the joint meeting of congress in washington d.c. yesterday he met the president at the white house made a speech about immigration and climate change. >> juliet: he will make his way to the city at five pm this afternoon. he will land at kennedy airport and had to st. patrick's cathedral.
6:42 am
>> ben: flags will continue flying at half staff in honor of yankees great, yoga berra. he died on tuesday. >> juliet: duke is here with an update on sports. >> duke: the yanks really need to start hitting. this was nice before the game, blue jays and yankees honored the great yogi berra, the ten time world series champion with the yankees. in the top of the seven blue jays were up by one. but it was caught. bottom of the frame, russell martin who i thought struck out gets another life and hits a three run homer. toronto is leaving now three and a half games. yesterday they took some time famer.
6:43 am
>> when i think of yogi, i think when god created man, i think yogi was an example. he was a guy on saturdays in spring training would say i have to cut out a little early, i have to get to church. he was a great husband, a great family man who wanted what it kids. he took care of them. >> very well said. the empire state building lit up in pinstripes to honor the yankee. another one had this to say. to me me it was a dear friend and mentor, he will always be remembered for his success on the field but his finest quality was how he treated everyone with sincerity and kindness. >> duke: the yanks also were wearing a number eight on their sleeves for the rest of the
6:44 am
season. they will honor the yankee great and hall of famer. the mats are not playing good baseball last night. the mat just went three and six on this home. the mets honored yogi before the game. he managed the 1973 mets. they were 11 1/2 games half games out and they came back to win the pennant. he also played with the mats for four games in 1965. there are some great yogi stories last night if you're watching both games. top of the seven bats up by two. tie the game up.
6:45 am
in the ninth, freeman who is battling a sort right wrist, that is gone. the braves shocked the the mets 6-3. the magic number is five has washington cannot get out of their own way. as bad as the mets are playing right now washington is worse. victor cruz will sit this one out. he is is still not 100%. the quarterback terrel has been on the injury list. interception and to injure, it looks like geno smith may be the backup quarterback this week. jets are hot. the eagles are not hot. if you watch them play sunday, they look terrible.
6:46 am
going to be singing at the game. >> ben: thank you duke. let's check the forecast once again. >> mike: it is beautiful outside. sunshine is up now. looks looks like it will be with us throughout the day. the school bus may be a light jacket early. that will go away because son will do its job today. around upper 50s low 60s right now but we will have a high of 80's today. 52 degrees in syracuse, 51 in boston. high pressure is in control and even into tomorrow. this area of low pressure will continue to develop and strengthen. we will see some clouds working their way up from the south to the north.
6:47 am
sunny skies today throughout, tomorrow high clouds in the tri-state region in the morning, thicken up in the afternoon it won't be a big deal until saturday or sunday. it will try to bring in some showers late sunday and into monday. today is completely dry, high of 80 degrees today tomorrow mainly sunny skies early, high of 75 degrees, 72 on sunday. it warms up next week. the daily and hourly forecast is available to you with the fox 5 whether app. just search fox 5 ny whether you you can download it for
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>> good morning, street cleaning
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rules are suspended today. that ally he has delays. had up extra slow around the parkway the belts parkway in brooklyn there is a crash there. as far staten island expressway directions. trains are looking great this morning. all are running on are close. >> juliet: anna gilligan is here, a big knife or empire last night. >> anna: season two premiered last night and it was full of new plots lines and new characters. he played a former drug dealer, illicit tell me was there and from behind bars. we'll see other guest stars including kelly rowland, and
6:52 am
mariah carey. the next daily show host, trevor noah will premiere on monday. he is jon stewart successor. his first first guess was announced as being kevin hart. then whitney wolf on tuesday, and chris christie on wednesday. quite the spread. this song, has been no the most iconic song ever by scientists. can you name it? is it a rock song. it is by nirvana, it rated songs.
6:53 am
they judge the top 50 that critics are named and the distinctive forecourt rift, they found most have 120 beats per minutes and tend to have a high level of tonal variation. >> juliet: by the way somewhere over the rainbow was on the list. >> anna: there are all kinds of genres in the top 50. i don't know that nirvana would give their rights. who knows, courtney cobain i don't know who has the right to his catalog. >> juliet: it will be interesting. >> on a side note watch the
6:54 am
documentary about kurt cobain. he actually didn't didn't come up with the title. it was his friend. >> ben: thank you and i think we have another song on the list to play on the way out. that doesn't for us. you will be at the world trade center tomorrow. >> yes we'll be covering the pope's visit. have a great thursday everybody
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